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Expat Tax Planning & Returning to Canada ?

“If you do nothing, governments will establish your Tax status, at their advantage….. Not yours…”

Expat Tax Planning

You’ve been abroad, hopefully made some money, and now you’re returning to Canada to enjoy the fruits of your labour. But, as Andrew Coyne explains, “some careful planning is needed if you want to keep your money”...

Thinking about what you need to do to prepare for your Trip & return is not usually the first thing on the mind of those planning and setting out on an international adventure.

Unfortunately for many, the Canada Revenue Agency - formerly Revenue Canada, does not have much sympathy for the individuals that did not prudently plan their affairs to achieve an optimal tax result.

Whether you are entering or leaving Canada, you need information and guidance to minimize the amount of Canadian tax that you are required to pay and identify what your specific responsibilities are under the law.

“ Do not let, any government determine your tax status ”.

Our Services to Clients

Here is an overview of the key services which we provide. General business and financial risk areas.


  • Expatriate services
  • Retire Comfortably Abroad
  • Investment Planning Services (Referral)
  • Investment Services (Referral)
  • Offshore Banking Services (Referral)
  • Income Tax Services - Expatriate
  • Income Tax Services - Non-Resident
  • Inpatriate Assistance
  • Tax Problems – Overseas or in Canada

In Montreal, Laval, Québec city, Ottawa-Gatineau, we can meet face to face. If not, we can do it by telephone or Internet. More than 80 % of our clientele is located abroad.

Expat Tax Planning - Thinking Ahead

But for Canadian citizens intending to work and live abroad for a period of time before returning to Canada, it is imperative that forward planning of this kind is close to the top of the ‘things to do’ list.

Not least of the perils of being unprepared are unexpected tax hits and/or problems of a government assessment.

Timing is the crucial factor here, but if you are on a short-term contract, or in an international ‘fire fighting’ role, you may be called back to Canada on a relatively short notice.

If this is likely, then even more pressing is the need for you to put a contingency plan in place before you leave Canada.

We can provide you with the information that you require to minimize your Canadian tax liability and meet all of the related filing requirements.

For Canadian citizens intending to work and live abroad for a period of time before returning to Canada, it is imperative that forward planning and must be on top of the ‘things to do’ list. Not least of the perils of being unprepared are unexpected tax hits. To prevent all these problems, plan ahead, by calling :

Tel. : (450) 672-1333

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Toll free : 1 (866) 411-1333
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“We solve tax problems…
… one satisfied client at a time.″


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