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Ottawa-Hull Gatineau Office
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Main Office-BROSSARD
6, Place du Commerce,
Suite 203
Brossard (Quebec) Canada J4W 3J9

Telephone: (450) 672-1333
Fax: (450) 672-2470
Toll Free: 1 (866) 411-1333
Email: info@expat-tax.ca

We serve all clientele in Quebec, Canada and the World.




B2B & e-Commerce Tax Planning

  • Do you have a B2B or B2C e-commerce?
  • Do you want to bring your business to e-commerce?
  • Do you have local clients or are they located around the world?
  • Do you want to expand at an international level?
  • Do you want to pay less income tax or avoid tax problems?
“Current developments and trends in global e-commerce are reshaping the competition and how business is done.”

E-commerce is growing approximately 25% annually…
enabling businesses to enter new markets and earn higher revenues while maintaining lower operational costs.

If you are one of these businesses you should take a closer look at how to avoid income tax problems while doing business around the world.

If you wish to bring your e-commerce at an international level, then you need an efficient strategy allowing you to expand your activities while making sure not to jeopardize your business future with tax problems.

Whether you are in retail e-commerce (Business-to-Consumer (B2C)) or a major player doing business with other businesses (Business-to-Business, B2B, EDI transactions (Electronic Data Interchange)), EXPAT Tax Planning can help you with a wide array of tax solutions designed for online sales process management and secure e-transactions businesses, in almost all e-commerce sectors, around the world.

We, at EXPAT Tax Planning , develop and bring tax solutions to your e-commerce by:

  • Helping you to create an international e-commerce platform around a strong infrastructure.
  • Preventing basic and complex tax problems encountered by e-commerce businesses.

EXPAT TAX PLANNING provides a complete suite of services which will help you to protect your e-commerce and increase your activities.

  • EXPAT TAX PLANNING pursuit of quality, excellence and customer commitment makes us the partner of choice. We prove to be a most dependable and trustworthy partner because we implement sustainable strategies and build successful e-commerce tax solutions in an ethical manner.
  • We offer consultations pertaining to the location of your e-commerce hosting.

In regards to taxation:

  • Creation of an international tax structure with the proper server architecture and gateway integration to avoid tax problems with your e-business.
  • We offer tax planning for e-commerce Websites.

What do you gain as our customer?

  • International clientele: new markets, more customers, greater revenue generation.
  • Streamlined processes, all-round operational excellence, effective cost savings.
  • Quick time-to-market; increased service levels.
  • Enhanced customer relationships; higher level of customer loyalty.
  • Quality traffic generation and effective customer/management relationship.

You may be busy with : B2B buying and selling, B2C buying and selling, creation of attractive storefronts or virtual malls , data-driven architecture to ensure e-security, web-based administration, multiple-level user rights, accessible customer service tools, e-commerce tools, utility-specific and customized solutions, shopping cart facilities and product catalogue development, product search, payment gateway integration, credit card validation, online payment processing, order tracking and processing, inventory tracking, inventory management, product management and stock control, discount functions, price alerts, multi-currency support and currency conversion, tax/shipping calculations, shipping and tax management, exceptionally designed user interfaces, easy navigation, robust hosting, secure applications complemented by improved brand visibility, quality traffic generation and effective customer/management relationships, supply chain solutions, traffic log analysis, statistical reports and Website monitoring, online membership management, mailing list management, etc…

And tax planning also prevents from having tax problems!

Please contact us today to know how EXPAT TAX PLANNING can help you to achieve your e-business goals at an international level through a new host with Web solutions and business process automation tools.

Tel. : (450) 672-1333

Fax : (450) 672-2470

Toll free : 1 (866) 411-1333
E-mail :

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“We solve tax problems…
… one satisfied client at a time.″


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