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We serve all clientele in Quebec, Canada and the World.




Looking for help, assistance, information, expertise from tax related specialists or experts in Quebec or elsewhere in Canada to solve expat tax problems: notice of assessment from the Canada Revenue Agency or Revenue Quebec, unreported income, double taxation, expenses refused, tax audit, etc.?

If you are among Canadians working or living in another province of Canada, in United States, United Kingdom, Italia, Australia, Dubai, or in any other country in the world, having income tax or sales tax problems with the Canadian tax authorities, contact Expat Tax Planning for tax problem resolution.

Expat Tax Planning can help you if you are facing tax problems prior to leaving Canada, while abroad, or when returning to Canada.  We are a group of tax related specialists and experienced negotiators who specialize in solving tax problems of Canadian expatriates, immigrants working in Canada, foreign investors, etc. on a broad range of tax matters from an assessment by the Canadian tax authorities, the Canada Revenue Agency and Revenue Quebec, to negotiation of an agreement or a settlement at federal and provincial levels. 

Expat Tax Planning provides tax related services to solve tax problems faced by expatriates of Canada or foreign workers or investors in Canada  

Expat Tax Planning provides advice and solutions to Canadian expatriates, companies and individuals having tax problems with the Canada Revenue Agency and Revenue Quebec.  We also provide information and advice to Canadian citizens on Canada-USA, Europe, Asia, Australia, etc. cross-border tax issues and serve clients from all Canadian provinces, United States and worldwide. 
Our experts have solved most cases by negotiating with the federal and provincial tax authorities.

Our tax services cover all tax problems in Canada and Quebec:

all the assessment process, including advice, objection to an assessment (contest), interest waiver applications, negotiation at administrative levels by experienced negotiators, court representation (recourse to specialized lawyers for legal procedures), as well as asset protection, voluntary disclosures of unreported income, filing of income tax return, assistance before completing a questionnaire on assets sent by the Canada Revenue Agency or Revenue Quebec, double taxation, other fiscal problems, etc.

We provide solutions to expatriate tax problems related to:  

  • Accounting (missing accounting, forensic accounting, proof required, etc.
  • Assessment from the Canada Revenue Agency or Revenue Quebec because of minor or major residential ties kept in Quebec or in Canada
  • Asset protection: How to legally protect your assets
  • Conflict, disagreement, dispute with the Canada Revenue Agency or Revenue Quebec
  • Double taxation in case you live or work abroad
  • Dual citizenship
  • Exceptional revenues
  • Filing of late income tax return and for past years
  • Foreign residency, tax ruling and tax compliance
  • Income tax return preparation for late filing or for undeclared income
  • Interest waiver applications
  • International investing (investment diversification)
  • International Private Foundation
  • International Trust for asset protection planning
  • Litigation support (recourse to specialized lawyers when required)
  • Loss of documents due to fire, flood, etc.
  • Maintaining main ownership or directorship of your business, company, corporation;
  • Moving or investing offshore
  • Negotiation at administrative levels
  • Non resident requirements
  • Notice of assessment for unreported income
  • Offshore banking and credit cards
  • Penalties and interest on late tax filing
  • Questionnaire on assets (Do not get trapped! Consult an expert before completing it!)
  • Real estate ownership
  • Refused expenses
  • Representation in court and appeals (recourse to specialized lawyers)
  • Request to file from the Canada Revenue Agency or Revenue Quebec, missing tax return declaration for past years
  • Resident status
  • Sales taxes GST QST HST PST
  • Tax audit, tax investigation
  • Tax treaties, conventions, tax agreements, between Canada-USA, Canada-United Kingdom, Canada-Italy, Canada-Australia, Canada-China, Canada-Barbados, Canada-Czech Republic, Canada-Poland, Canada-United Arab Emirates, Canada-Brazil, Canada-Singapore, Canada-Russia, Canada-Belgium, Canada-France
  • Tax agreements and rulings between provinces of Canada: Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland and Labrador, Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia, Quebec and rest of Canada, etc
  • Tax liability: how to eliminate it
  • Tax ruling and things to do when moving out of Canada
  • Ties kept in Canada and resident status
  • Undeclared income: Tax pardon, voluntary disclosure, tax pardon program
  • Unfiled tax return
  • Visa requirements related to international move

Tax audit or investigation:

  • You have been working or living abroad and the Canada Revenue Agency or Revenue Quebec is now investigating on you or wants to verify your fiscal situation and you want to know what to do and how to protect and defend yourself against the Quebec government or the Canadian government?
  • Have your house, furniture, bank account, investments, etc. been seized by the Canada Revenue Agency or Revenue Quebec because you didn’t report some income or didn’t pay income tax in Canada while you were abroad?
  • Did you receive a personal or corporate assessment?

Communicate with Expat Tax Planning to end your problems quickly and efficiently with the Canada Revenue Agency or Revenue Quebec even if you are actually abroad!

We can meet the federal and provincial tax authorities on your behalf and negotiate an agreement or a settlement to solve your tax problem!

Act right now to avoid big problems!

When facing the tax authorities, you do not get what you deserve…

…you get what you negotiate!

Need a definite solution to your tax problems?

Contact Expat Tax Planning,
for help and solutions from an independent advisor.

Tel.: (450) 672-1333
        (450) 672-1333

Fax: (450) 672-2470

Toll free: 1 (866) 411-1333
E-mail: info@expat-tax.ca

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Available in all regions of Québec, Canada

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Expat tax planning is a provider of tax related services preventing and solving Canadian tax problems for Canadians from Quebec and other provinces in Canada, working or living in another province, in United States, United Kingdom, Italia, Australia, China, Hong Kong, etc, or in another country overseas, through the help, assistance, of specialized tax experts, tax specialists, tax negotiators, tax lawyers, etc. in case you need to produce your tax filing return while abroad or after returning to Canada, for tax problem resolution, to help you fill a questionnaire requested by the Canada Revenue Agency or Revenue Quebec, etc.  

Canadian expatriates living abroad in need for information to prevent or solve tax problems with the Canada Revenue Agency or Revenue Quebec can contact Expat Tax  Planning who provides assistance on a broad range of EXPAT tax matters from an assessment by the Canada Revenue Agency or Revenue Quebec, the Canadian tax authorities, through negotiation and settlement at Federal and Provincial levels in case of double taxation, unreported income, tax audit or investigation, request to produce, questionnaire to fill, resident status, seizure of assets such as house, RRSP, investments, etc.