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Income Tax Services and Planning for Canadian non-residents working and living abroad.

Overseas employment of Canadian citizens and Canadian companies abroad, foreign companies, investors, employees and professionals working and living in Canada.

Expat Tax Planning offers a full range of tax services to Canadians living and working abroad to help them avoid tax problems, whether they live in another province of Canada, in United States, Mexico, Central America, South America, or overseas in Europe, Asia, Africa or Australia.

We provide help with tax planning prior to leaving the country, while working abroad and when coming back to Canada.

If you are already living abroad, Expat Tax Planning can help you avoid tax problems when returning to Canada. And if you do face some problems because of a lack of planning, our multidisciplinary team is available to help you at an affordable price, allowing you to go on with your daily activities abroad.

We handle your tax problems and work to find the best solutions. We favour negotiations with the tax authorities but lawyers from our multidisciplinary team can also represent you in court when necessary.

We also serve corporations operating in Canada and abroad as well as employees, independent workers and professionals from other Canadian provinces and other countries in the world, living and working in Canada.

Expat Tax Planning Services to individuals and businesses include:

  • Accounting and forensic accounting services
  • Tax problems resolution for income tax
  • Tax planning services related to income tax
  • Estate planning services
  • Financial planning (referral)
  • Investment planning services (referral)
  • Offshore banking services (opening a bank account abroad) (referral)
  • Trust for protection of assets
  • Assistance with real estate transactions (selling and buying real estate abroad)
  • Tax preparation services for expatriates from Canada and in Canada
  • Tax preparation for unfiled tax return, back taxes, etc.
  • Assistance to fill forms requested by the Canadian tax authorities (Canada Revenue Agency and Revenue Quebec)
  • Assistance further to a request by Revenue Quebec or the Canada Revenue Agency to produce documents
  • Negotiations with the tax authorities to reduce or eliminate an amount due to the Canada Revenue Agency or/and Revenue Quebec, obtain a tax pardon
  • Representation in court
  • Tax audit assistance

Specific Tax Services to businesses:

  • Help and assistance for B2B businesses: creation of international business platform and tax planning
  • Tax services related to taxes GST HST QST PST
  • Creation of an offshore structure
  • Technology transfer and taxation
  • Tax planning and tax services for Canadian corporations abroad
  • Tax planning and tax services for foreign businesses in Canada
  • Tax planning for Canadian management and middle management abroad
  • International fiscal services
  • Assistance with real estate transactions (How to minimize income tax payable when buying or selling real estate abroad)

Non resident Income Tax Return Services for Canadian residents, non residents and expatriates

Expat tax planning can handle the preparation of your income tax return and help you avoid double taxation if you live in Canada and work abroad or if you are from a province of Canada and work in another one which could make you an alien for tax purposes. If applicable, we will apply the existing international convention between Canada and the country where you work to reduce or eliminate the income tax payable in Canada.

Immigrants working and living in Canada, companies and individuals - Inpatriate Assistance

Expat Tax Planning provides tax services to Canadian citizens who live in a province of Canada and work in another one and to immigrants from United States, Mexico, Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa, etc. working and living in Canada.

More specifically, our tax services are offered to:

  • Foreign companies operating in Canada
  • Employees from foreign companies established in Canada
  • Independent workers from abroad working in Canada
  • Professionals from abroad working in Canada
  • Foreign investors in Canada

Investment Planning Services (Referral)

Expat Tax Planning can help you with your investment planning to make sure you will not face double taxation or other tax problems.

Offshore Banking Services (Referral)

Expat Tax Planning team can help you with the opening of a bank account abroad for your business and personal banking transactions.

Retire Comfortably Abroad

Snowbirds and individuals who are planning a retirement in another province of Canada or abroad, in United States, in Mexico or overseas, can benefit from our services to make sure they will not have bad surprises in regards with tax matters. Expat Tax Planning multidisciplinary team provides tax services to them including tax return filing, tax planning, estate planning and financial planning.

Tax Problems - Abroad or in Canada

Expat Tax Planning provides services to Canadian expatriates who work abroad and who face tax problems such as:

  • Double taxation
  • Tax audit
  • Unfiled tax return
  • Undeclared foreign income from: work, fees, dividends, renting, royalties, interests, retirement allowance, capital gain and other income sources
  • Undeclared capital gain further to the disposition of real estate or other investments
  • Production of documents requested by the Canada Revenue Agency or Revenue Quebec
  • Request from Revenue Quebec or the Canada Revenue Agency to fill tax forms

We favour negotiations to legal procedures with the Tax authorities and we coordinate our efforts for better results.

Determining residency status in Canada (resident status and non-resident status in Canada)

If you are a Canadian who lives in a province of Canada and works in another one or if you work abroad, we will help you clearly define your residency status towards the tax authorities to avoid tax problems. We can go with you through a list of more than 20 criteria used by the tax authorities to determine your residency status.

Determining fiscal residency status

If you are a Canadian who works and lives abroad, we will help you determine your fiscal status. Becoming a non-resident for tax purposes might be an option and we can help you make sure you meet all requirements to qualify.

You must know that being a Canadian working abroad doesn't necessary make you a Canadian non-resident but you could become a non-resident for tax purposes. Expat Tax Planning can evaluate if becoming a non-resident for tax purposes could be an option to consider.

Real estate transactions and income tax in Canada

We provide help and assistance for real estate transactions when selling or buying real estate in Canada and abroad.

Questionnaire from provincial Government (residency) received

If you have received a questionnaire from Revenue Quebec or from other tax authorities in Canada, make sure to fill it properly in order to avoid tax problems. Expat Tax Planning specialists can help you.

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