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Expat Tax Planning

Ottawa-Hull Gatineau Office
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Main Office-BROSSARD
6, Place du Commerce,
Suite 203
Brossard (Quebec) Canada J4W 3J9

Telephone: (450) 672-1333
Fax: (450) 672-2470
Toll Free: 1 (866) 411-1333
Email: info@expat-tax.ca

We serve all clientele in Quebec, Canada and the World.




Tax Preparation Services for Expatriates (Canadians abroad and immigrants in Canada)

Expat Tax Planning

If it is tax related, we do it all for you, including all related expenses.

You pay only what you have to.

« We solve Expat tax problems ...
...one satisfied client at a time. »

(450) 672-1333

What we can handle for you:

  • Individual and Corporate income tax preparations
  • Foreign Corporation for Controlled Foreign Corporations [CFC]
  • Foreign trust reporting
  • Partnership, Limited Liability Company (LLC), Limited Liability Partnership and Family Limited Partnership (FLP) - income tax preparation
  • Canadian and Provincial income tax, U.S. franchise tax and intangible services tax return
  • Trusts, living trusts and inter-vivos trusts
  • Foreign pensions, Registered Pension and RRSP plans, 401(k)
  • Dual status/part year returns for immigrants and emigrants
  • Exclusion of foreign earned income abroad
  • T4 individual and T2 corporate Canadian income tax preparation and T5 tax slip, etc.
  • Quebec TP1 for Provincial Tax Return in Quebec, Canada
  • Accounting solutions
  • Refund of excess tax deductions after cashing a life insurance policy, NR4 tax slip issued in Canada by a life insurer or a financial institution

We are available, throughout the year for quick answers to our client's tax-related questions and concerns. Just a quick email away!


  • Non-residents, immigrants and emigrants
  • U.S. Corporations operating in Canada
  • Canadian Corporations operating in the United States
  • U.S. residents owning Canadian corporations
  • Mutual Fund and Stock Investors
  • Real Estate Investments in Canada & other country
  • U.S.A. / Canada Treaty and Tax Returns
  • Foreign Earned Income Exclusions and Overseas Employment Tax Credits
  • Tax consequences of choosing different entity types for business operations

It's So Easy!

How to get your information to us:

  • Scan or outline your information, email it to us and we will return printable tax forms to you by e-mail, or send us paper copies by fax, UPS or regular mail. (We need originals of all slips with tax withholding and those required to be attached to the filing copy)
  • E-mail us a backup of your accounting data. We will complete the year-end closing and return your final data on CDROM or by email.
  • The better you organize your information the more you save. We save time and you save money.
  • We provide help and advice to our clients all year around.
  • We can be reached by using our toll free telephone number, by email or by fax.


Tel. : (450) 672-1333

Fax : (450) 672-2470

Toll free : 1 (866) 411-1333
E-mail :

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“We solve tax problems…
… one satisfied client at a time.″


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